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In 2014, Elmisazan partandish kousha  international company(ELSAPA)started its large-scale activities to develope technical knowledge in the fields of production and trade. The company was founded with the goal that in addition to Entrepreneurship and income generation, which are the corner-stones of any economic movment, it can be a useful element in supplying  essential chemicals for different segments of the country, including producers etc.

The main products of Elsapa  company in the chemical and polymer sectors are as follows :

Chemical materials:

▪︎Acids: acid sulfuric, acid acetic, acid nitric, acid citric.

▪︎Glycols: monoethylene glycol(MEG),diethylene glycol(DEG),triethylene glycol(TEG).

▪︎Aromatics:phenol,styrene monomer, toluene,orthosylene and xylene mixture

▪︎Alcohols: two ethylene hexanol,ethanol

▪︎Bases:caustic soda,liquid caustic soda and ammonia solution

▪︎Carbonates: heavy sodium carbonate,light sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate

▪︎Aminse: monoethanolamine,diethanolamine,triethanolamine

Polymer materials:

▪︎Natural rubbers:SMR 20, RSS

▪︎Synthetic rubber:NBR,EPDM,BR,SBR

▪︎Engineering plastic:EVA,PA6,PBT,POM

▪︎Thermoplstic elastomer:



▪︎Stearic acid

Expanding the presence in the market, improving the quality of products and satisfaction of esteemed customers are the main goals of the company.

For more information about the specifications and daily prices of the products,join to our telegram channel and visit the website.

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