Butyl Acrylate Monomer (BAM)

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Butyl acrylate monomer (BAM) is a flammable organic compound and is produced in several different ways.✨ It has low solubility in water. But it is soluble in organic solvents such as alcohols, if, etc. This material is used in a wide range of industries.
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In a simple definition or expression in response to the question, what is butyl acrylate monomer ( BAM )? It can be said that it is a highly flammable organic compound. It is interesting to know that this substance is used on a large commercial scale as a precursor for the production of polybutyl acrylate . This chemical substance is called n - butyl acrylate, butyl prop-2-enoate, butyl-2-prostate and butyl ester of acrylic acid.

Butyl acrylate monomer will polymerize easily when exposed to heat and peroxidation. Needless to say, butyl acrylate dissolves in organic solvents, ether and alcohol. But it has very little solubility in water and creates a transparent and soft surface layer on water.

Butyl acrylate is actually a very transparent acrylic monomer that has many properties and is used in a wide range of industries such as the production of glue, resin, textiles, coating, all kinds of plastics, etc.

Butyl acrylate monomer (

Some of the main uses of butyl acrylate monomer are as follows:

In order to create a very resistant and strong layer against destruction by air, the use of methyl methacrylate and butyl acrylate polymers helps a lot. It is worth mentioning that the great resistance and quality of acrylic emulsions has caused a great revolution in the resin and paint industry. In such a way that today more than 25 % of the materials used in the coating and paint industry will use acrylic materials.
In fact, the materials prepared using vinyl acetate are compared to the materials prepared using butyl acrylate monomer. BAM ) are made and have a lower price.

Using the combination of butyl acrylate and styrene reduces water absorption and also increases resistance to hydrolysis. It is better to use this special combination to produce coatings and colors that are used for closed spaces.

For coatings and paints that are open to environments, such as paints that can be used for polishing, using butyl acrylate and methyl methacrylate is the most appropriate option.

Butyl acrylate monomer ( BAM ) is used in the production of sealants and adhesives.

In fact, the adhesive properties of acrylic polymers are different. Different modes of combining this chemical substance with other substances cause changes in two properties (collective (maintenance) and surface (adhesion)). It is better to know that polymer units such as styrene and methyl methacrylate have more resistance and strength due to the higher glass transition temperature. If the polymer units in 2 ethylhexyl acrylate and butyl acrylate have a more adhesive state due to the lower glass transition temperature.

This substance is used in antioxidants and detergents.

Butyl acrylate is used to produce water-based resins.

The most common use of this material is in the industries of glue, paint, papermaking, leather, making water-based and solvent-based resins, etc.

It goes without saying that in the process of polymerization in the polymer chain, the presence of butyl acrylate monomer ( BAM ) causes softness and flexibility in the polymer chain.

Butyl acrylate monomer (

are the technical specifications of butyl acrylate ( BAM )?

Some of the chemical and physical properties of this particular chemical are:

  • The molecular formula of butyl acrylate is C7H12O2 .
  • Its molecular weight is 128.171 g/mol.
  • Its density is 0.89 grams per cubic centimeter.
  • It has a melting point of -64 degrees Celsius.
  • It has a boiling point of 145 degrees Celsius.
  • The flash point of this chemical is 105 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The appearance of butyl acrylate monomer is a clear and colorless liquid.
  • It is flammable and has a very pungent smell when burning.
  • Appearance is butyl acrylate ( BAM ).
  • This material is produced and marketed in liquid form.
  • When this chemical is destroyed by heat. It produces a very unpleasant smell and smoke.
  • The English name of this special chemical is Butyl acrylate .

Production of butyl acrylate monomer

One of the most common methods of making butyl acrylate monomer , acrylic acid and n -butanol react with the presence of an acid catalyst. It goes without saying that the reaction of these two substances must be done in a chamber with a very high temperature. After the reaction of butyl acrylate, a number of byproducts and water are formed. This obtained mixture is purified in the distillation chamber. And finally, butyl acrylate ( BAM ) will be obtained with high purity.

When butanol reacts with acetylene in the presence of hydrochloric acid, carbon monoxide and nickel carbonyl, it causes the production of butyl acrylate monomer .

Application of butyl acrylate ( BAM )

It is interesting to know that butyl acrylate ( BAM ) is used in various industries such as (glue production, paint, etc.).

The packaging of this functional material is different according to the customer's request. In fact, the packaging of this chemical is from 100 ml bottles to 180 liter barrels.

Sellers have to move this chemical through tank trucks or oil tankers. Butyl acrylate ( BAM ) is easily accessible by people who are in the business of buying and selling polymer and chemical materials.

Disadvantages and dangers of butyl acrylate monomer

The Global Harmonized System of Labeling and Classification of Chemicals has labeled butyl acrylate ( BAM ) with different titles such as H317 , H335 , H319 , H315 and H226 .

Dangers of butyl acrylate monomer (

Butyl acrylate storage conditions

Butyl acrylate monomer ( BAM ) should be stored in a dry, cool, well-ventilated environment away from any oxidizing substances.

An important point that you need to know in relation to this issue is that safety and health must be observed for the storage and maintenance of this chemical. Avoid contact and breathing of butyl acrylate vapors.

This material should be away from heat, flammable sources and sunlight.

Containers for storing this chemical must be made of aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel.

The storage containers of this substance must be completely closed and after each use of this substance, the lids of the containers must be tightly closed (to prevent leakage).

In the following text, we discuss some of the dangers of monobutyl acrylate

H226 : Flammable substance.

H317 : Causes skin irritation.

 H315 : Causes skin irritation.

H335 : Causes breathing problems.

H319 : May cause irreparable and dangerous damage during eye contact.

Side effects of butyl acrylate monomer

Symptoms of allergy to butyl acrylate ( BAM ) include: allergic, redness, dryness, burning, irritation and leads to peeling of the skin. Sometimes it causes ulcers in the area that is in contact with this chemical.

In fact, butyl acrylate monomer can be transferred through skin contact, inhalation and contact with the skin. Exposure to butyl acrylate monomer causes nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, shortness of breath.

This material is very reactive when it is exposed to high heat and quickly causes polymerization to begin. For this reason, a polymerization inhibitor should be used when preparing this material.

Butyl acrylate readily reacts with strong bases and acids, halogens, hydrogenated compounds and amines.

For this reason, special clothes, masks, gloves and glasses should be used when using butyl acrylate.

BAM ) packaging

What is the price of butyl acrylate?

These days, many companies are engaged in buying and selling butyl acrylate monomer ( BAM ). It is safe to say that Elsapa is one of the best distributors of chemicals in the country, which provides a wide range of polymer and chemical materials from different and reliable brands to manufacturers.

chemical depends on its production method, the manufacturer's brand, and the price of chemicals. A large percentage of butyl acrylate ( BAM ) is imported. Elsapa company website is one of the best references to inquire about the price of butyl acrylate and also to buy BAM .

How is buying butyl acrylate in the world?

Due to the very high properties and abundant use of butyl acrylate ( BAM ) in various industries, more than 1 million tons of butyl acrylate monomer are traded in the world annually.

It can be safely said that the company with a long history of Elsapa, as one of the best-selling centers for buying and selling polymer and chemical materials, provides great help to the buyers of all kinds of chemicals such as butyl acrylate ( BAM ) so that everyone can easily access this have access to a useful chemical substance.

Due to the many applications that butyl acrylate monomer has in various industries such as (glue, resin, paint, leather, etc.), the demand for buying butyl acrylate monomer is increasing these days. Owners of various industries can easily purchase this functional material with the highest quality and affordable prices online from our website at www.elsapaco.com . For more information and to buy butyl acrylate , please contact our professional advisors at Elsapa sales unit.

Butyl acrylate monomer (


In fact, butyl acrylate is a highly flammable organic compound. This material should be stored in dry and cool environments, away from sunlight and flammable sources. This material is used in many industries such as production of paint, glue, resin, etc. Acrylate monomer storage containers should be made of aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel. The price of butyl acrylate depends on various factors. To work with butyl acrylate, gloves, glasses and special clothes should be used. To buy this widely used material at the best and most appropriate prices, refer to the reliable Elsapa company.

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