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Sulfur is a light-colored yellow non-metallic element with a light weight. ⚡ It has an unpleasant smell similar to that of rotten eggs. Its most common use is in the production of agricultural fertilizers to lower the PH of the soil.
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Do you know what sulfur is? Where is this element located in the periodic table? Where should we go to purchase this substance? is represented by the chemical symbol S. In fact, sulfur is a chemical element positioned in the sixth group and third period of the periodic table. It is also a member of the oxygen family. In the periodic table, this element is located before phosphorus and after chlorine. Notably, oxygen is above it and selenium is below it in the periodic table. This widely used element has the atomic number 16.

The Latin name of this element is sulfur. In some cases, it is seen in its pure form in a series of materials. However, it is mostly seen in the form of sulfides and sulfates. The history of identifying this useful element dates back to ancient times. This special element is the tenth most abundant element in the world and the fifth in the earth, and it is a multivalent element. If this element is under standard pressure, ring molecules with the chemical formula S8 form a crystalline appearance.


Technical specifications of the non-metal sulfur

  • This non-metal has a yellow appearance. It is very light in weight and very soft.
  • When this element is combined with hydrogen, it has a specific smell, similar to the smell of rotten eggs.
  • Interestingly, when this non-metal burns, it produces a blue flame during combustion and creates a very strange smell. In general, it can be said that this element and its compounds have a very bad smell that can be sensed in natural gas, radishes, grapefruit, and garlic.
  • Sulfur is not soluble in water but can be dissolved in carbon disulfide.
  • This element has common oxidation states of -2, +3, +4, and +6. It can be observed in all three states of liquid, solid, and gas. In fact, it has multiple forms, but the relationship between these forms has not yet been fully understood. This non-metal is solid at room temperature. Its crystalline form is shown as an S8 sulfur ring.
  • Amino acids and several enzymes contain this element, making it a vital element for the life of living cells. Also, some species of bacteria will use hydrogen sulfide as a substitute for water in their photosynthesis process. Plants absorb this element from the soil in the form of sulfate.
  • This element has 18 isotopes, four of which are stable, and apart from S35, the remaining radioactive sulfur isotopes have a short half-life.
  • In most forest ecosystems, sulfate will come through the air.


Price and purchase of sulfur

Today, numerous companies are active in buying and selling this widely used element. The well-established company Elsapa is one of the most reputable and best suppliers of this special element, providing a wide range of sulfur types from specific brands to manufacturers. For more information, contact our expert colleagues in the Elsapa sales department.

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Usage and benefits of sulfur

  1. The most common use of sulfur is in the production of sulfuric acid for making agricultural fertilizers such as sulfates and phosphates. This substance is used to produce materials such as matches, insecticides, and fungi. Sulfuric acid is also used in the process of water purification, mineral extraction, and oil refining. To purchase mineral sulfur fertilizer, you can visit the Elsapa website where the price of this fertilizer is very reasonable.
  2. The use of sulfur is not limited to this option; if this element directly reacts with methane, carbon disulfide will be produced, which is used to make sulfone. Also, many surfactants and detergents are among the sulfate derivatives. More than 100 million tons of hydrated calcium sulfate are used annually for use in combination with Portland cement.
  3. Sulfur compounds are used to make medicines. One of the early examples is antibacterial sulfonamides. This substance is used in antibiotics, penicillins, and many other drugs. The use of sulfur in the manufacture of creams used for acne treatment is also seen.
  4. The use of sulfur as a pesticide and anti-fungal dates back to the past. The powder of this element can be found in the pesticide of products such as strawberries, grapes, apples, vegetables, and many other agricultural products. Also, this powder is used to control insects such as mites and ticks.
  5. This chemical substance is not toxic as an element, but as soon as it is exposed to air, it begins to burn and will cause the production of SO2, and by combining with water, it causes the production of sulfurous acid and sulfite. These acids at high concentrations cause damage to the eyes, lungs, and other body tissues. For creatures such as plants and insects that are without lungs, high concentrations of these acids cause problems in receiving oxygen in these organisms.
  6. As a result of burning crude oil and coal for the production of various industries, SO2 is produced. This substance reacts with oxygen and water in the atmosphere and causes the production of sulfurous acid and sulfuric acid. These acids are components of acid rains that reduce the pH of the soil, causing environmental degradation and soil erosion. For this reason, standards for fuel production recommend the removal of this element from fuel.
  7. Sulfuric acid is very hydrophobic and uses this property for the process of removing water from organic tissues and sugar.

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Hazards and storage conditions of sulfur

There are hazards that may threaten you when this element comes in contact with the body, for example, the dust of this element will cause burning, redness, irritation, and pain in the eyes if this substance has continuous contact with your skin it will cause irritation.

Eating sulfur is not toxic, but if a large amount of this element enters the body, it will cause sore throat, headache, and nausea, and in severe conditions, it is possible that the person will become unconscious. Because it will be converted to hydrogen sulfide in the intestines. If you breathe the dust of this element, it will cause coughing. If a large amount of this substance is inhaled, it will cause shortness of breath. This dust also has the ability to explode.


To prevent these problems, you can use gloves and protective clothing that will cover the whole body and safety glasses to protect your skin. The use of a mask (positive pressure full-face respiratory and positive pressure full-face air reserve) will prevent breathing particles of this substance in the environment.

This element burns at a moderate rate in solid form, but sulfur dust explodes at a high rate. Factors such as static electricity, spark or flame, friction, and heat will cause sulfur to ignite. This substance is in molten form at a temperature of about 140 degrees Celsius, which will cause burns if it comes into contact with it.

 Storage conditions of sulfur

The hazards and storage conditions of sulfur are difficult, but if all safety points are observed, these hazards will be greatly reduced and its storage conditions will be controllable. For example, the amount of H2S gas in the tanks should be regularly and periodically controlled and incompatible compounds should not be placed near these tanks. This substance should not be stored in containers that even have a small amount of hydrocarbons or moisture.

For the storage of solid sulfur, a cool environment with an appropriate ventilation system should be used and the health of the electrical switches should be ensured. This substance should be stored in solid form in a molded box. The tanks used for storage should be completely dry and also protected from direct sunlight. Try to periodically check these tanks for leaks. If hydrocarbons are present in the environment of the tanks, they will cause the production of hydrogen sulfide gas and ultimately fire, and non-ferrous tools are used to prevent sparking.

For the storage of molten sulfur, an environment with a temperature between 127-149 degrees Celsius should be used and stored in special compartments equipped with pipes containing hot water vapor. The piping should be such that steam can easily be used to combat any potential fire, and the environment should also have an appropriate ventilation system.


Sulfur production

Three common methods are used for the production of this element. Method 1; Frasch, in which it is extracted from limestone deposits containing this element. Method 2; This method is done through the Claus process, in which H2S is removed from oil and natural gas at the refinery and converted to sulfur in a unit that recovers sulfur. Method 3; This element is obtained from pyrite using the Outokumpu process, and the most common of them is the Claus method.


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