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Califon resin is a brittle, transparent substance, mainly obtained from coniferous trees including pines, and is known in commerce as raw turpentine. Its color is light yellow or amber.✨ Depending on the source of the raw turpentine, its color may vary from blackish-brown to clear.
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Califon can be considered a gift of nature to humans. It is a substance obtained from the sap of trees and has numerous applications in various industries. It is a sticky substance that was used in the past for repairing ships. Its adhesive property is one of the important characteristics of this compound.

What is Califon?

Califons are plant-based resins that were secreted by trees to repair their damaged parts when injured in any way. The discovery of how to use this substance dates back thousands of years. The sap of coniferous trees contains up to 70% Califon. It has a specific gravity of 1.07 grams per cubic centimeter and a melting point of about 72 degrees Celsius. It ignites at 180 degrees Celsius. The color of this compound ranges from light yellow to dark brown and is characterized by its transparency and shine, with a brittle structure. Its solubility in warm alcohol is very high. Califon is a mixture of various saps including di-terpene alcohols, aldehydes, and hydrocarbons.

The extensive features of this substance lead to its special applications, including:

  1. Thickener and emulsifier
  2. Production of cosmetics and hygiene products
  3. Production of surgical sutures
  4. Production of adhesive tapes and topical medications

Chemical Composition

What is Gam Resin?

Califon, also known as Gam Resin, is obtained naturally from tree sap and also synthetically. In fact, Gam Resin is a crystalline solid obtained from the sap of plants like pine. The difference between the synthetic and natural types of this compound lies in their production methods and chemical properties.

When the natural type is extracted from trees, it is heated to evaporate and eliminate the volatile substances within it, changing its transparent form to colors ranging from yellow to black. This compound does not dissolve in water, and the sample obtained from olive tree sap is darker than the sap of other trees.

Methods of Producing Califon:

1- Extracting resin sap from living trees

In this method, the obtained sap is distilled to produce turpentine oil.

2- Distilling deadwood

In this method, the cut pine wood is distilled to produce Gam Resin and Califon, although this method has very low efficiency.

3- The tall oil method
To obtain sap using this method, tree sap is extracted from stems and the remaining wood is used in the paper industry.

What are the applications of Califon and Gam Resin?

The applications of this compound are very diverse, including important uses such as:

  1. Used as a polish in facades
  2. Used in the production of paint, glue, and paper
  3. Used in the food industry to produce chewing gum
  4. Used in the construction of concrete and tile adhesive
  5. Bactericide, fungicide, and algaecide
  6. Used in the production of electrical insulators
  7. Soap making
  8. Used in studio and stage flooring for its anti-slip properties

Used in violin bows

In which industries is Califon used?

1- Food industry
2- Dyeing industry
3- Metal and construction industry
4- Printing and adhesive industry
5- Electrical and plastic manufacturing industry
6- Microbiocide industry
7- Construction industry
8- Industrial applications
In electronic equipment, soldering of lead and tin is used. The use of this compound greatly aids in soldering electronic components.

9- Pharmaceutical industry
This compound is used in the pharmaceutical industry to produce nano microcapsules, and glycerol, sorbitol, and resin esters are all based on Califon.

Different Forms

Why is Califon widely used?

1- Rubber industry
This compound is used as a softener in the production of rubbers
2- Production of rubber glue, which varies based on the type of rubber
3- Anti-abrasion agent
In the paper industry, this feature is used to prevent ink from spreading on the paper surface. It also increases the strength, smoothness, and resistance of the paper and prevents water absorption.
4- Its combination with acyl glycerol, natural tea, and wax is used in chewing gum production.
5- It has antibacterial and fungicidal properties
6- Widely used in insulation.

Does the use of Califon have any disadvantages?

Like any compound, some people may have different reactions to these substances. The most common problems Califon causes for its users are allergic reactions. Respiratory problems, asthma, eye irritation, and runny nose occur as a result of prolonged contact. If the duration of work and contact with this substance is long, over time the skin becomes thick and layered. When using this compound, be sure to pay attention to safety guidelines and users who work with these materials should definitely use gloves and avoid employing individuals with respiratory problems or allergies, as it may exacerbate their sensitivity.

Transparent Crystals of Califon

What are the conditions for purchasing Califon or Gam Resin?

The purchase of Califon depends on the industry in which it is more commonly used. The variety in packaging of these materials is due to their diverse applications. The packaging of these materials can be in the form of bags or barrels. It is recommended to purchase these materials from reputable dealerships to benefit from their support and consultation services. The purchase of Califon is based on the following:

  1. Type of packaging
  2. Size of packaging
  3. Manufacturing company
  4. Quality of materials produced

Types of Packaging

What conditions affect the price of Califon or Gam Resin?

The sale of Califon is unique because it is not produced in Iran. The main producers are in South Asia, China, and Vietnam, and in Europe, France grows a type of pine from which Gam Resin is produced. In South America, the diversity of pine species in Mexico makes this region a growing and breeding area for the plant. Considering these conditions, several important factors influence the sale of Califon:

  1. Country of the Gam Resin producer
  2. Quality of production
  3. Price fluctuations
  4. Purity percentage of the substance
  5. Type of packaging

Granule Particles

How is Califon packaged for sale?

Gam Resin is packaged in 10 to 50 kilogram packs for large and small industries. Each industry can purchase the product according to its needs and consumption. These products are packaged in metal, paper, and cardboard materials, with higher weights stored in barrels.

Example of Packaging

How should it be stored in a warehouse?

One of the important things to consider in storing chemicals is the method of storage.

Important points to consider in storing these compounds:

  1. Use of safety equipment

It is better to use safety equipment such as fire extinguishers to prevent unforeseen situations in the storage area.

  1. Proper ventilation in the warehouse

Proper ventilation ensures that in case of toxic gases, these gases are expelled from the environment.

  1. Use of masks and gloves for material handling

Since this material is an allergen, you must definitely use safety equipment when using it.

  1. Temperature and humidity of the environment

If the packages are permeable, temperature and humidity easily penetrate them, causing damage to the contents.

  1. Not exposed to direct sunlight

Direct sunlight over a long period causes significant changes in the physical and chemical properties of the materials.

  1. The storage location should be appropriate and not directly connected to the ground

For this purpose, it is better to use wooden stands for placing the packages. Direct placement of the packages on the ground over time damages the packaging and causes the products to spill out. Alternatively, the materials can be stored in corrosion-resistant metal containers.

The storage of these chemical compounds should not be accessible to everyone.

  1. Training for those who deal with these compounds

The shelf life of this compound in suitable storage conditions is one year. After one year, the quality of the materials will change significantly. Therefore, purchase according to your work needs and use older samples first to prevent wasting capital and raw materials.

Initial Form of Crystals

What should be considered in selling Califon?

Like other products, the sale of this compound must be done carefully to achieve suitable profitability. If you are a seller, paying attention to the following points will make you more successful in sales:

  1. Identify your target market
  2. Offer the product in appropriate packaging
  3. Do not forget support and after-sales services and consultation
  4. Provide product analysis to the audience and customers if possible
  5. Ensure timely delivery of the product to the customer
  6. Properly adhere to standards
  7. Use knowledgeable experts for customer service
  8. Offer quality products at a reasonable price

A quality product is your credibility. The customer creates credibility for you by receiving suitable and quality products. Each product has specific standards related to its intended use.

Technical specifications of Gam Resin or Califon include:

  1. Brittle and fragile
  2. Has a mild scent
  3. Its appearance is like glass
  4. Highly flammable and produces smoke when burning
  5. Low melting point

Molded Sample

Many derivatives extracted from Califon are used in the pharmaceutical industry. We can consider it one of the most widely used raw materials in this industry. Proper understanding of the product helps us to know how to store and warehouse it and to make the best use of these materials.

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