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Heavy Sodium Carbonate Uzbek is one of the most important chemical compounds with extensive applications in various industries. This chemical substance naturally occurs in salt lakes, underground layers, and brackish waters.
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Heavy Sodium Carbonate Uzbek is one of the most important chemical compounds widely used in various industries. This chemical is naturally found in salt lakes, underground layers, and brackish waters. However, due to its extensive industrial use, it is also produced in petrochemical industries. But what is Heavy Sodium Carbonate Uzbek? Sodium carbonate comes in two forms, light and heavy, with the chemical formula Na2CO3, and is available as solid, white granules with a sharp odor. It's known in the industry as soda ash, soda salt, disodium salt, and alkali stone. Heavy Sodium Carbonate Uzbek can be produced from the reaction of sodium chloride, ammonia, and sulfuric acid. The main producer of this compound in Iran is located in Semnan province, and the largest natural source producer in the world is a lake in Kenya, where it is extracted by dredging. This product is extensively used in the production of cleaning and hygiene products like fungicides and herbicides. The wide range of applications makes Heavy Sodium Carbonate Uzbek a special product in all industries.

The classification of sodium carbonate based on particle size and chemical composition density is as follows:

1- Light Sodium Carbonate
This type of sodium carbonate has fine grains, is lighter in weight and density, and is widely used in detergent manufacturing and raw material production industries.

2- Heavy Sodium Carbonate
The particle size in this type is larger, and its primary application is in the glass-making industry. The larger particles help reduce the chance of dispersion during transportation.

Chemical formula of sodium carbonate

Physical and Chemical Properties of Sodium Carbonate

The physical and chemical characteristics of a compound show us its overall shape and quality. Sodium carbonate melts at 851 degrees Celsius and dissolves in water at 20 degrees Celsius up to 215 grams per liter. It reacts with carbon dioxide to produce anhydrous sodium bicarbonate. The dissolution of this compound is an exothermic reaction.

Uzbek Sodium Carbonate Powder

What is the difference between heavy and light sodium carbonate?

Sodium carbonate is a chemical compound that is solid, crystalline, white, colorless, and odorless. When extracted, this chemical compound is in the form of hydrated sodium carbonate. Sodium carbonate salt is soluble in water. Based on the application expected from this chemical, it is divided into two types, light and heavy. In fact, heavy sodium carbonate differs from light sodium carbonate in density and particle size.

Characteristics of Light Sodium Carbonate

Light sodium carbonate, in terms of structure and composition, does not differ from heavy Uzbek sodium carbonate, but they differ in that light sodium carbonate has a lower density and smaller grains and is generally used in oil industries and purification. However, heavy sodium carbonate is more used in the detergent production industry. The particle size of this compound is 100 microns.

Sodium Carbonate Production Methods

There are three general methods for producing sodium carbonate:

1- Leblanc Process
This is an old method developed by a French chemist, involving a combination of lime, sulfuric acid, and sodium chloride. However, due to the production of hydrogen chloride gas and environmental pollution, its production has decreased since 1880 and is now obsolete.

2- Production from Common Salt
In this method, common salt, or NaCL, is mixed with an ammonia solution, carbon dioxide, and water to extract sodium carbonate.

3- Using Pulp Mill Waste
In the pulp mill effluent, a mixture of sodium sulfide and sodium sulfate, which is almost 60% sodium carbonate, is poured into a dissolving tank and heated to 870 degrees Celsius. After cooling, fine particles are obtained, which are crushed in a mill and stored in a tank for later separation in an extraction tower. During washing, sodium carbonate is separated from other compounds and used. This method is only used on a small scale.

4- Solvay Process
In this method, lime, common salt, and ammonia are used to produce sodium carbonate.




Preparation of detergents

Applications of Sodium Carbonate

The application of sodium carbonate in various industries is extensive and significant. Calcium carbonate, as a basic raw material, is used in many products in the petrochemical and chemical industries. The important applications of calcium carbonate include:

1- Glass Production
At high temperatures, calcium carbonate combines with sand to produce glass.

2- Production of Special Chemicals
This compound can be used as a raw material for the production of sodium bicarbonate, sodium silicate, and sodium tripolyphosphate.

3- Detergent Production
Soda ash or sodium carbonate is widely used in the production of soaps and detergents.

4- Paper Making
One of the stages of paper production involves PH regulation, where sodium carbonate is added for bleaching and acidity adjustment.

5- Water Softening
Water hardness is a factor that reduces the quality of water use for various purposes. Adding sodium carbonate to water reduces its hardness.

6- Addition to Water Reservoirs
Adding sodium carbonate to municipal water tanks controls the PH and acidity in these reservoirs.

7- Use in Taxidermy

8- Use in Cleaning Chimneys from Sulfur

9- A Strong Neutralizing Compound in the Petrochemical Industry

10- PH Control of Swimming Pools

11- Accurate Measurement and Main Agent of Acid-Base Titration in Laboratories

12- Use in Dyeing

13- Wood Cleaning from Mold

14- Use in Brick Making

15- Suitable Additive in the Food Industry

16- Production of Ice Cream Sticks and Pasta

Both light and heavy sodium carbonate, with the differences they have in grade and size, are of interest to manufacturers and industrialists for various industrial, chemical, and pharmaceutical uses.

Production of Various Detergents


Hazards of Sodium Carbonate and its Usage

  1. Inhalation, even for a short period, may cause damage to a person's lungs.
  2. Contact with skin causes itching, burning, and redness in the eye area.
  3. Sodium carbonate is corrosive and utmost care should be taken while using it.
  4. Reacts quickly with moisture.
  5. Potential for water pollution under improper storage conditions.
  6. Eliminating environmental microorganisms if a concentrated solution is released into the environment.
  7. Damage to nasal mucosa cells if inhaled.

Purchasing Heavy Sodium Carbonate Uzbek

When purchasing heavy sodium carbonate Uzbek, important factors to consider include:

  1. The density of the produced product.
  2. The purity or impurity level of the product.
  3. The size and type of sodium carbonate.
  4. The manufacturing company.
  5. The type of packaging.
  6. Transportation costs.
  7. Whether the product is imported.
  8. Currency price fluctuations.

All these factors will influence the final price of the product.

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Price of Heavy Sodium Carbonate Uzbek

The purchase price of heavy sodium carbonate Uzbek for consumer companies may vary based on:

  1. The purity or impurity level of the product.
  2. The manufacturing company.
  3. The type of packaging.
  4. Transportation costs.
  5. Whether the product is imported.
  6. Currency price fluctuations.

Important Points in Storage and Packaging of Heavy Sodium Carbonate Uzbek

  1. Use safety equipment when handling these compounds.
  2. Ensure proper ventilation in the storage area.
  3. Avoid placing moisture-generating agents near this chemical.
  4. It is recommended to use cotton gloves for handling.
  5. Avoid placing packaging directly on the ground.
  6. Since this product is corrosive and highly alkaline, avoid placing it near incompatible agents.
  7. Store in a dry and cool place.
  8. Use polymer bags for storage.

Storage and Packaging of Sodium Carbonate

Important Points in Purchasing Sodium Carbonate

  1. Pay attention to the grade of materials.
  2. Consider the purity and intended use.
  3. The quality of the offered product.
  4. The type of packaging.

Heavy Sodium Carbonate Uzbek

Packaging of Heavy Sodium Carbonate Uzbek

Sodium carbonate is offered in various packaging types according to industrial needs, including 45 kg, 50 kg, big bags, and one-ton packages. Industries can purchase this product based on their needs.

Important Points to Consider in Selling Heavy Sodium Carbonate Uzbek

Like other products, the sale of this compound should be done carefully to achieve proper profitability. If you are a seller, paying attention to the following points will help you be more successful in sales:

  1. Identify your target market.
  2. Provide the product in suitable packaging.
  3. Don’t forget support, after-sales service, and consulting.
  4. Provide product analysis to the audience and customers if possible.
  5. Ensure timely delivery of the product to the customer.
  6. Properly adhere to standards.
  7. Use knowledgeable experts for customer service.
  8. Offer quality products at reasonable prices.

The quality of your product builds your reputation. Customers create credibility for you by receiving appropriate and quality products.

Various Packaging Types of Sodium Carbonate

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