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Methanol is a colorless alcohol considered one of the most useful chemical compounds.⚡ Its production occurs through the direct combination of carbon monoxide gas and hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst. Methanol is an important substance in the preparation and production of chemical materials.
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In this helpful article, you will learn what methanol is.

What is the application of this chemical substance? What are the other names of this useful substance? How is it produced, stored, and what are the methods of buying and selling this substance?

Stay with us until the end of this article for answers to these important questions.

In response to the question of what methanol is, it can be said: it is a colorless, highly volatile liquid with a very distinctive smell.

In fact, this substance is produced through the anaerobic activity of some bacteria.

This toxic substance is important in the production of various chemicals and also has various applications. It is considered one of the best and most useful chemical compounds.

Global Price of Methanol

Before we go into further detail about this product, let's first take a look at the impact of the global market on its price.

The global price of styrene monomer since the beginning of September in regions (Korea | Asia | China) is as follows.

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Technical Specifications of Methanol

Some of the technical specifications of this chemical substance include:

  • This toxic substance has the chemical formula (CH3OH).
  • In fact, it is known as (methyl alcohol, methyl hydrate, methyl alcohol, methyl hydroxide, and wood alcohol).
  • Methanol is a colorless, volatile alcohol with a pungent odor and high flammability.
  • This chemical substance boils at 64.96 degrees Celsius (148.93 degrees Fahrenheit) and has a freezing point of -93.9 degrees Celsius (-137 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Its flame is colorless when burning.
  • It completely mixes with water.
  • In fact, this substance has a smell similar to ethyl alcohol; today, this colorless alcohol is considered one of the most useful chemical compounds.
  • It is soluble in esters, ethers, and light petroleum solvents.
  • and ...

Dangers and Harms of Methanol

In fact, this chemical substance is one of the most promising builders for obtaining more complex chemical structures such as (acetic acid, methyl butyl ether, dimethyl ether, methylamine, etc.).

This substance is toxic and can easily be absorbed through the eyes, skin, lungs, and digestive system.

It is worth noting that excessive exposure to this toxic substance can cause vision weakness or even death.

Exposure to this dangerous substance can seriously harm factory workers. The amount of damage from contact with methanol depends on the dose, duration, and work performed.

Storage of Methanol

Production of Methanol

Below, we intend to discuss the production of this flammable substance.

Interestingly, this substance used to be produced by destructive distillation of wood.

But these days, the production of this colorless and flammable alcohol is based on the direct combination of carbon monoxide gas and hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst.

It should be noted that catalysts are used that operate at low pressures and are much more effective; or the desired synthesis gas, for the production of this special substance, is no longer obtained from coal as in the past, but is produced from the reaction of methane present in natural gases under mild pressure of 10-20 atmospheres and at a temperature of 850 degrees Celsius with steam and also in the presence of nickel catalyst and finally reacts under the influence of a catalyst that is a mixture of materials such as (copper, zinc oxide, and aluminum), creating this useful chemical substance.

Given that CO2 and H2 gases are among the raw materials in the synthesis of this chemical substance, it is worth mentioning that converting CO2 gas into this chemical substance can be considered a very promising and useful method for significantly reducing CO2 emissions and can also use the production of this type of useful alcohol as a suitable energy carrier for hydrogen.

It is better to know that methanol synthesis is the second largest consumer of hydrogen.

Methanol Applications in Industry

Applications of Methanol in Various Industries

This special substance is used in various industries, which we will briefly discuss below.

In fact, pure methanol is an important substance in the production of various chemicals.

Its derivatives are used to produce many compounds, including important synthetic dyes, resins, drugs, fragrances, etc.

It is also used in automotive antifreeze, rocket fuel, and as a general solvent.

This dangerous substance is also a high-octane, combustible fuel that is potentially an important alternative to gasoline in cars.

In fact, as the simplest alcohol, it is used in the production of many secondary chemicals.

Many of these, such as MMA, chloromethane, and acetic acid, are important in polymer production.

Other items, such as methylamine, are used in pharmaceuticals.

The production of formaldehyde is the primary use of this substance, accounting for 29% of global production.

Formaldehyde is used in the production of a wide range of plastics and resins, such as melamine, etc.


Methanol Storage

Since this toxic substance is highly flammable, do not expose this chemical substance to heat and pressure and pay careful attention to the ambient temperature where this dangerous substance is stored.

Methanol's toxicity is significantly high, and the entry of 10 milliliters of this alcoholic liquid into the body can cause disturbances such as seizures, kidney failures, blindness, and sometimes death.

Never use this alcoholic chemical substance as a disinfectant.

It is better to know that medical alcohol and ethanol are the most suitable disinfectants.

Generally, the use of this toxic substance is harmful to human health.

If this chemical substance comes into direct contact with your skin, be sure to wash the affected area with soap and water carefully for about 15 minutes.

This useful substance should be stored in a well-ventilated environment, away from direct sunlight, in a completely dry and cool environment.

Due to its flammability and the risk of fire, this substance should not be stored with oxidizing materials such as (perchlorate, chromium trioxide, bromine, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine, or hydrogen peroxide).


Methanol Safety

  • Skin Contact

Causes dryness, loss of skin oil, mild irritation, and can be absorbed through the skin, affecting the nervous system, causing blindness, and even death.

  • Eye Contact

Causes dark spots in the eyes, leading to blindness, and causes inflammation of the mucous membranes.

  • Ingestion and Eating

It is toxic, causing burning in the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat, affecting the nervous system, causing nausea, blindness, and even death.

  • Inhalation

Methanol vapor causes burning of the eyes, nose, throat, and respiratory system; it also reduces the efficiency of the central nervous system and causes blindness.

  • Fire and Explosion

Methanol vapor easily spreads in the air and ignites; if there is a sufficient concentration of methanol vapor, in the presence of ignition sources, acute fire and explosion occur.

When using this chemical substance, gloves, special glasses, and masks should be used.

As mentioned above, this flammable substance will be absorbed through breathing and skin.

Failure to observe safety precautions can easily lead to absorption of this alcoholic liquid through the skin, leading to blindness and even poisoning.

Methanol Packaging

Methanol is typically offered in bulk in barrels or tankers.

It is worth noting that metal barrels and HDPE barrels are very suitable options for packaging this chemical substance.

Methanol Transportation

Use safe working methods to prevent methanol from coming into contact with the eyes, skin, or inhalation.

When transporting methanol containers or being in a contaminated area, smoking, eating, and drinking should be prohibited.

Keep containers tightly closed and use explosion-proof forklifts, and try to minimize the evaporation of methanol.

Implement safety measures to reduce the risk of fire.

Methanol Price

The price of methanol is provided on a weekly basis.

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